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Monday, 24 August 2009

Execution Time - SSRS

="Execution Time: " +
IIf(System.DateTime.Now.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).TotalSeconds <> 0, System.DateTime.Now.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Hours & " hour(s), ", "") +
IIf(System.DateTime.Now.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Minutes > 0, System.DateTime.Now.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Minutes & " minute(s), ", "") +
IIf(System.DateTime.Now.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Seconds > 0, System.DateTime.Now.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Seconds & " second(s)", ""))


mail.arun2005@gmail.com said...

how to get the time before any action happened and after the action executed in SSRS (I want to get the duration of a perticular action.

Dom Horton said...

Does this post post help?

The first Select statement will retrieve the execution times of each of the reports, who requested it and both the start and finish times