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Friday, 9 April 2010

Array example - Crystal

Local Numbervar counter := 1;
Local Stringvar Array taskdates;
Local Datetimevar dates := CurrentDate;
Local Datetimevar finishdate := DateAdd("yyyy",5,CurrentDate);
Local Stringvar returnstring;

//set array size to counter, initally 1, preserving previous size and values
Redim Preserve taskdates[counter];
//assign dates value, initially CurrentDate to array element numbered counter, initially 1
taskdates[counter] := ToText(dates, "dd-MMM-yyyy");
//increment date variable by 1 year
dates := DateAdd("yyyy",1,dates);
//increment counter by 1
counter := counter+1;
//continue do loop while date variable is less than or equal to finishdate
While dates <= finishdate ;

returnstring := Join(taskdates, Chr(13))

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